College of Arts and Sciences
Office of the Dean

Dean's Research Fellowships Archive

  • 2014-15 Dean's Research Fellowships

    • Re-reading the Victorians, Professor Molly Clark Hillard, English
    • The Chicana Critical Readers Series, Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Modern Languages and Cultures and Women and Gender Studies

     2013-14 Dean's Research Fellowships

    • Haudenosaunee Woman’s Worldview, Professor Jeanette Rodriguez
    • Student Project: Is the Character even Human?: A Cosplayer’s Concepts of Gender Attributes and Gender-play, Anina Walas with Professor Chris Paul
    • Student Project: One Life Left: How to Reboot Games For Social Change, Katie Smith with Professor Chris Paul
    • Faculty Project: Rethinking Meritocracy: How Rhetorical Analysis Helps Reshape Game Design, Professor Chris Paul

    2012-13 Dean's Research Fellowships

    • Japanese American Baseball in Seattle, 1900-1942, Professor Marie Wong 
    • Pilot Evaluation of the Seattle Police Department's 'IF' Project, Professors Jacqueline Helfgott, Elaine Gunnison, Stephen K. Rice, Peter Collins, and Jennifer Sumner, Criminal Justice Department
    • Digital Edition of John Donne's 1611 satirical work Ignatius His Conclave for the John Donne Digital Prose Archive, Professor Sean McDowell, English Department 

    2011-12 Dean's Research Fellowships

    • Assessment of Social and Ecological Impacts of Forest Conservation in the Andes, Professor Tanya Hayes, Anthropology, Environmental Studies major Sarah McHugh, Class of 2012 
    • Differential Defiance among Police Killers: An Assessment of Final Statement Narratives, Professor Stephen Rice, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice major Farrah Fanara, Class of 2012 
    • Cross-cultural Experiences from 19th Century Diarists, Professor Tom Taylor, History Department and the Global Awareness Program, andInternational Studies major Gabrielle Porter, Class of 2012