College of Arts and Sciences
Communication Studies

Program Summary

  • Communication Studies offers a liberal arts study of human communication designed to increase your understanding of how communication works and to improve your effectiveness as communicators in your community or in business. You take courses in public speaking, persuasion, and mass communication, as well as interpersonal and organizational communication. Special emphasis is placed on communication as a means of community-building and creating social change. Graduates go to careers in a variety of fields where thoughtful communication is required, or to graduate study in law, public administration, or communication itself.

    All majors are required to take 15 credits of communication foundation courses:

    CMJR 205: Rhetorical Foundations of Communication

    CMJR 225: Social Foundations of Communication

    CMJR 245: Media Foundations of Communication

    Students are required to take an additional 50 credits in the communication courses in the Communication Studies track.