Aaron Day, Ed.D.

Picture of Aaron Day

Ed.D. Organizational Leadership

Adjunct Professor, Communication and Media

Building/Room: 1103 Building, 303B


Dr. Aaron Day is an instructor in the Communication and Media Department. He has been teaching in higher education for more than 15 years. He has taught journalism and mass media courses at Eastern Washington University and other colleges across the greater Seattle area. He has more than 20 years of experience producing newscasts at local television stations in Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles. He's led coverage for some of the biggest stories in the history of American journalism including the inauguration of former President Barack Obama and the very first COVID-19 case in United States. Dr. Day is also an expert in resistance to organizational change. His doctoral research explored the phenomena of emotional resistance to change and focused on the experiences of leaders in busy TV newsrooms. He holds a B.A. in Film & Electronic Arts from California State University, Long Beach, a M.A. in Organizational Leadership from City University of Seattle, and Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership, also from City University of Seattle.