Student Awards

Student Awards

College of Arts and Sciences Graduating Student Reception and Awards Ceremony

Recognizing and celebrating undergraduate and graduate student achievement

Each spring we invite faculty, staff, graduating students and their families and friends to join us for one of the high points of the academic year. This ceremony and reception convey a sense of intellectual excitement and promise of future success to our entire graduating class.

During the ceremony, College award recipients are called to the stage to receive a graduation medal presented to them by the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A photo and short bio of each of the recipients is featured in the Award Ceremony Program.  Acknowledgement of these College level awards is also included in the Seattle University Commencement Program. 

2019 Student Awards

Department Awards

2019 Departmental Honors

Majoring with departmental honors offers an opportunity for motivated and capable students to engage in extensive interaction with faculty and complete challenging directed study projects and research in their major.

2019 Scholastic Competition

As an organization of student representatives in the College of Arts & Sciences, Student Executive Council is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and freedom in an educational environment that values the unique contribution of each student. The purpose of the Scholastic Competition is to provide undergraduate students an opportunity to showcase their work, develop their writing and voice, and receive acknowledgement for their original, quality scholarship. Winners of the Scholastic competition are chosen by a panel of three professors and two students.

2019 Student Executive Council Teacher, Advisor, and Staff Member of the Year

Student success is largely dependent upon the resources available to students, the lessons taught inside and outside the classroom, and the guidance provided by faculty, advisors, and staff members. Recognizing this, the Student Executive Council invites their peers to nominate a Teacher, Advisor, and Staff member who goes above and beyond their job description to serve students. Students were able to nominate a Teacher, Advisor, or Staff member who made a significant impact on their journey at Seattle University.

Kennedy Dresh, 2019 Hickey Award winner
2019 Hickey Award

Kennedy Dresh

BA, English and Environmental Studies
Minor, History

Katherine Cole, 2019 Leadership and Professional Engagement Award
2019 Leadership and Professional Engagement Award

Katherine Cole

Master of Social Work

Anub Anur, 2019 Leroux Leadership Award winner
2019 Leroux Leadership Award

Anub Anur

BA, Public Affairs
Minor, Sociology

TyKera Williams, Social Justice and Community Engagement Award
2019 Social Justice and Community Engagement Award

TyKera Williams

Master of Social Work

Kabrianna Tamura, Wallace Loh Award Winner
2019 Wallace Loh Academic Excellence Award

Kabrianna Tamura

MA, Criminal Justice

Nova Robinson, 2019 Teacher of the Year
2019 Teacher of the Year

Nova Robinson, PhD

John Nettles, 2019 Advisor of the Year
2019 Advisor of the Year

John Nettles, MA

Lilly Newell, 2019 Staff Member of the Year
2019 Staff Member of the Year

Lilly Newell, '17