Tristan Anslyn



My friends and my second self.          

I find comfort in making and collecting photographs of my closest friends. I’ve been photographing them for a decade. The images of my friends remind me of our companionship, each individual is there letting me remember them and I see myself reflected in them as they stare back at the lens. During the ritual of making these photographs, my friends relinquish, for a moment, control to me and my camera. They allow me to compose a representation of them. I photograph for the same reason people intentionally collect keepsakes. Each image individualizes many memories into the representation of a single person. This series is a mint-condition collection of my closest friends. Original replications and still in pristine packaging, view the people that make me who I am today.


Tristan Anslyn was born in Austin, TX. After moving to Seattle, he is now about to graduate with a BFA in Photography from Seattle University. Tristan’s work is influenced by fashion, portraiture and street art. His fine art photography focuses heavily on friendship, slapstick moments and the uncertainty of getting older.






A Photograph by Seattle U BFA student

My friends and my second self.
Tristan Anslyn, 2019-20