Hallie MacPherson

In order to become who I want to be, I have had to study where I come from. This project presents women who have helped shape me. I have learned that the appreciation of self comes from knowing oneself, feeling comfortable and empowered enough to be present, intimate, and vulnerable with others. Here, emotionality and vulnerability are the birthplace of connection – to one’s self and to others. This project aims to redefine these “feminine” traits that have historically been seen as weak. These women and their relationships are presented through fragments, reflections, and the space in-between. In some images the figure is obscured. Rather than giving the audience the ability to intimately know the subject, I give my subject the ability to have her own experience in front of the camera.  


From Hallie MacPherson’s interdisciplinary studies in Photography and Spanish, her creative life spans wide. She employs a variety of media; photography, video and collage, in collaboration with the written word. Hallie’s creative practice has transformed into an appreciation for the reflection of one’s self. This transformation has led to work that exhibits dream-like qualities, grounded by the presence she feels when creating. She explores the feminine from her lived experiences.  

 A Photograph by Seattle University BFA Student

vulnerability, not vulnerable
Hallie MacPherson, 2020