Cecilia Tisserand

Through these moments I've captured and sewn together, I’ve created artificial renderings of settings that I frequently spend time in. Venturing to various environments, I set up my camera and observe my surroundings. I click the shutter frequently, aiming to collect the energy and involvement of strangers in these spaces. 

These scenes can never actually be real, but instead are compilations of reality. They visualize the repetition, harmony, and jarring discordance that I encounter in my everyday life. When creating these compositions, I use a range of techniques such as repeating patterns, subtle merging and blending, and sudden, aggressive clashes that disrupt the images even as they work as one.  

Though the people in my photos are in the same place, how they experience time measures differently. By physically bringing together images of people in different moments, layers of time collide and work together to ask questions about how we understand our time. 


New Orleans based photographer Cecilia Tisserand is currently living in Seattle finishing her BFA in photography at Seattle University. Her work reflects the beauty she finds in the outdoors, and the vibrance, nostalgia and challenges that are involved in growing up. After she graduates, she hopes to work on impactful projects regarding the environment, sustainability and childhood.  


A Photograph by Seattle U BFA Student

Cecilia Tisserand, 2019-2020