The annual Seattle University Design Exhibition typically is scheduled to be held in person in the Vachon Gallery. Due to the extenuating circumstances of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the annual Seattle University Design exhibition has been reimagined into an online space. The 2021 senior cohort’s exhibition, DiDs.zip, is meant to showcase their shared creativity and diversity as a part of a larger design collective. A zip file is an interface used to compress a collection of files or works from an individual or group into a single location. DiDs.zip symbolizes that despite being “zipped up” due to COVID, we are individual minds, a part of a whole, similar to how individual files are a part of a zip folder. Zip files, compact in nature, are easy to share digitally and can contain far more than what is initially apparent. Seattle University Department of Art and Art History is pleased to present an exhibition of the student work and student profiles on this page. Through their culminating Senior Synthesis Course, the designers have worked to express and create unique designs into this online exhibition, DiDs.zip.

A mosaic of all design students in class of 2021 exhibition