Dewey Crumpler, Untitled #1, photo by Yosef Chaim Kalinko, SEATTLE UNIVERSITY


Logistics and Counter-Logistics: Mapping the Flow of Capital

Michael Wilson, Empire Logistics

Sunday 5/13, 5:30 pm | RED MAY @ Hedreen Gallery

Filmaker Michael Wilson, a former student of artist Dewey Crumpler and director of Empire Logistics which describes its project as follows:."Capitalism relies on an integrated infrastructure of production clusters and transportation networks—comprised of ports, warehouses, rail lines, highways, pipelines, information grids and investment vehicles—in order to produce and circulate commodities. The physical nodes are arrayed in clusters of factories, warehouses, refineries, logistics services, and retail, all tied together by maritime, rail, trucking, pipeline and telecom networks. This global “factory without walls” allows capitalists to scour the planet for the cheapest and most compliant labor, externalizing costs of its maintenance onto the working class. These networks generate flows of commodities and information with ever-increasing speed, as the system strives for just-in-time production and inventory-less distribution for a unified global market...Supply chains are vulnerable and Empire Logistics’ goal is to identify where proletarian solidarity has the greatest possibility to spread up and down the chain, across sectors, borders–and even oceans. We envision a world beyond supply chains. In providing useful and accessible mapping, data, and media documenting the nature and effects of the global supply chain, we aim to facilitate direct response to immediate social/economic problems through collective actions that bypass official media channels, and to help forge connections and solidarity among related struggles."

Michael W. Wilson is an artist/filmmaker whose cross-disciplinary and collaborative projects have investigated the apocalyptic imaginary, modes of cybernetic and psychological control in capitalist operations, and revolutionary moments in the American South. He is a founder of the research project Empire Logistics (, which maps the nodes and flows constituting the global supply chain. His work has been shown widely, including the Sigmund Freud Museum (Vienna), Rotterdam Film Festival, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami International Film Festival, Ars Electronica, de Young Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, and the Kunsthalle Dusseldorf. Wilson, a native of Arkansas, is currently making a film focusing on the 1919 Elaine, AR Riots—the deadliest race and labor battle in American history. He has taught film, video, new media and art practice at a number of universities and art schools and is currently core faculty at San Francisco Film School.


Prehistory of a Museum of Capitalism

FICTILIS, Museum of Capitalism

May 20, 5:30pm | RED MAY @ Hedreen Gallery

The Museum of Capitalism is an institution dedicated to educating this generation and future generations about the ideology, history, and legacy of capitalism, through exhibitions, research, publication, collecting and preserving material evidence, art, and artifacts of capitalism, and a variety of public programming. In this presentation, founders of the Museum of Capitalism will present a collection of moments in the institution’s “prehistory,” weaving historical and conceptual precedents together with a curator’s account of the research and programming leading up to the museum’s inaugural exhibition in Oakland in 2017.

FICTILIS is an artist and curatorial collective, formed in Seattle in 2010 and now based in Oakland. As lead curators, they are working with historians, economists, and a wide variety of artists and groups to developing ongoing programming for the Museum of Capitalism.


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