Torren Broussard-Boston

Class of 2020

The year is 2050 the world has fallen due to a Great War, leaving the world a radiated wasteland turning the natural animals into horror story creatures. With weapons of mass destruction gone the remaining survivors had to create primitive weapons to fend off the beasts that now roam the land. Years after the first survivors built a secure structure they would name Salvation, technology has advanced farther than ever imagined. Creating weapons that cut through the beats with ease and quality living is no longer an issue… well for some. The royals and wealthy enjoy the high quality of life while the low and middle class survive off what they receive from The Banquets. The Banquets are the bi-weekly hunt sending out the most elite of fighters to hunt for food and explore and conquer new lands, but only as the Salvation sees fit. All laws are extremely enforced, outsiders are ordered to intensive background checks. There are 8 outside districts that have survived the destruction and created their own territory each district trades but there is a group that rebels against the districts wanting a change in the world a change that benefits only them or that's what the main heads of the districts say. Our journey starts with Naki a young man who only seeks to protect all he has left in the world and he will do anything to keep it that way. In doing so, that throws him in and out of the gallows. A change occurs to rewrite his life when an old friend arrives to change his future of being a jail bird to a proper hunter for the banquet. He’ll soon learn the truths of Salvation and his past. Welcome to Salvation and may you die with honor and glory for the prosperity of Salvation.  

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Photo of artwork by SU student Torren Broussard-Boston installed in the Vachon Gallery

Approaching Salvation, Digital Movie, 2020