Stella Christoforou 

Class of 2020

Stella is the heiress to a self-service dog wash and has a consistent supply of wet dog hair.   

The dog’s name is Stavros and their favorite activities include smoking weed, talking sh*t, lying to people, and eating hot chips. They are trying to become an actor but is finding the off-off Broadway scene to be too cutthroat for a pup. They are hoping their current modeling career will lead to an in. A star will be born, baby.  
Mercury is in retrograde and the post-oedipal fatigue is overwhelming. Penis drawings are omnipresent on bathroom stalls and bus seats, and so it is only appropriate that they appear on Seattle University-sanctioned artwork, with gusto and gumption. Vandalism spanning all of history includes good chunky dick drawings making it an intrinsic art practice, the lowest-brow gratification available. In the current digital age, some are making a sincere dollar creating furry art on DeviantArt---DeviantArt! In the year 2020! The vague, milquetoast brand of gross that stems from these images seems to have a degree of steadfastness worth seeking. These things said, Susan Sontag said in Against Interpretation that interpreting an art piece makes it like, sooooo boring. Plus, you’re probably a freak if you spend a lot of time thinking about dogs having sex.  

See more of Stella's work here.

Photo of artwork by SU student Stella Christoforou installed in the Vachon Gallery

Installation View, Mixed media, 2020 (altered from original)

“Stella Christoforou’s process begins in the funnypapers and heads straight into a funhouse of psychosexual angst, using as a template and inspiration the structures of social media Stella’s dreamscape earns the badge NSFW.”

Francisco Guerrero