Joseph Kim

Class of 2020

Joseph Kim is a design student with a strong focus towards the more illustrative and creative aspects of design. This stems from years of drawing and painting through various mediums, and constantly consuming various forms of comics, cartoons, and animated films from around the world. Currently his focus is on drawing every day, using a variety of mediums in an effort to improve his overall skill sets. 

Using these series of images or panel based on sketches for comic ideas, Joseph tries to create some form of visual story telling. None of the content of the images may have any definitive connection to each other, but nevertheless still convey chain of events that an individual passing by can interpret on their own. The hope is to allow the viewer to create their own story from what is given to them. The scale of each individual piece is scaled up significantly, taken out of the usual confined boundaries of the average comic book and placed up on the wall, so rather than looking down, one has to look up to see the full image. 

See more of Joseph's work here.

A photograph of work by Joseph Kim for the 2020 Advanced Studio exhibition installed in the Vachon Gallery

Panels Vol. 1Vinyl print cut-outs, 2020