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Tom Taylor, PhD

Joanna Mendoza
Administrative Assistant


Photo of Tracey Pepper, MA

Tracey Pepper, MA

MA, History

Lecturer, History
Associate Appointment, Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.389.4616

Building/Room: Rianna 106

Photo of Kan Liang, PhD

Kan Liang, PhD

PhD, Modern Chinese History, Yale University

Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities
Associate Professor, History
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program

Phone: 206.296.5448

Building/Room: Casey 411

Photo of Daniel E. Burnstein, PhD

Daniel E. Burnstein, PhD

PhD, American History

Professor Emeritus, History

Phone: 206.296.5447

Building/Room: Casey 407W

Photo of Heath Spencer, PhD

Heath Spencer, PhD

PhD, History

Senior Lecturer, History

Phone: 206.389.4615

Building/Room: Rianna 108

Photo of Thomas R. Murphy, SJ

Thomas R. Murphy, SJ

Associate Professor, History

Phone: 206.296.5444

Building/Room: Casey 404

Photo of Saheed Adejumobi, PhD

Saheed Adejumobi, PhD

PhD, History

Associate Professor, Global African Studies
Associate Appointment, Film Studies and History

Phone: 206.296.2485

Building/Room: Casey 402

Photo of Theresa Marie Earenfight, PhD

Theresa Marie Earenfight, PhD

PhD, Medieval and Early Modern History

Professor, History
Program Director, Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.296.5479

Building/Room: Casey 410

Photo of Henry Kamerling, PhD

Henry Kamerling, PhD

PhD, History

Instructor, History

Phone: 206.296.2587

Building/Room: Rianna 107

Photo of William Kangas, PhD

William Kangas, PhD

PhD, History

Senior Core Lecturer, History

Phone: 206.398.4602

Building/Room: Rianna 106

Photo of Michael Ng, PhD

Michael Ng, PhD

PhD, History

Adjunct Faculty

Building/Room: Rianna 108

Photo of David William Madsen, PhD

David William Madsen, PhD

PhD, Classics

Associate Professor, History
Associate Appointment, Medieval Studies

Phone: 206.296.6938

Building/Room: Casey 413

Photo of Tom Taylor, PhD

Tom Taylor, PhD

PhD, History

Department Chair, History
Associate Appointment, International Studies Program and Global Awareness Program

Phone: 206.296.5445

Building/Room: Casey 409

Photo of Marc McLeod, PhD

Marc McLeod, PhD

PhD, History

Director, History
Associate Professor, History
Director, International Studies Program
Associate Appointment, International Studies and Latin American Studies

Phone: 206.296.5417

Building/Room: Casey 414

Photo of Jacquelyn Miller, PhD

Jacquelyn Miller, PhD

PhD, History

Associate Professor, History

Phone: 206.296.5446

Building/Room: Hunthausen 123

Photo of Hazel Hahn, PhD

Hazel Hahn, PhD

PhD, History

Professor, History
Director, Global Awareness Program
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program, Film Studies, Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.296.5449

Building/Room: Casey 405

Photo of Randall Souza, PhD

Randall Souza, PhD

PhD, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology

Assistant Professor

Phone: 206-220-8228

Building/Room: Casey 213