College of Arts and Sciences
Arts and Sciences Advising Center

Advising Services

  • Academic Advisors in the ASAC assist students with:

    • Reading and Interpreting Program Evaluations

      The Program Evaluation is a powerful tool for selecting courses toward graduation. We can help you review your program evaluation and counsel you on your academic plans, course and major selection, and discuss academic opportunities available to you. Need assistance locating your program evaluation
    • Educational Planning

      ASAC advisors assist you in determining your educational path. ASAC advisors can help you pursue your plans to complete an additional major, minor, internship, study abroad, etc.
    • Assistance with Major or Minor Selection

      If you are an undergraduate student and are considering adding a major/minor or changing your current academic program, the ASAC staff can help you explore the requirements of various majors and minors in Arts & Sciences. If you're unsure of your major or wish to learn more about the variety of majors offered at Seattle University.
    • Registration Problem Solving

      ASAC advisors can help you address common registration issues, connect you with your advisor, understand registration restrictions and get into closed Core classes. We can also help you explore course options, make changes to your schedule, review registration holds, and assist with planning and preparing for quarterly advising and registration periods.
    • Academic Difficulty

      ASAC staff can help you evaluate past academic performance and discover the skills and resources necessary to achieve your educational goals. ASAC advisors connect you with academic and specialized campus services and will work with you if you are on academic probation. 
    • Assistance with Study Abroad Course Selection

      Once you have chosen a study abroad program and been accepted to the program, advisors in the ASAC can review your potential course selections and help you complete your Education Abroad Course Approval form.

    • Pre-Professional Advising

      ASAC advisors can also assist you in planning, preparing for, and applying to graduate or professional schools. We also offer advising for students interested in the following pre-professional areas:

       Petition and Policy Related Questions

      ASAC staff can explain university policies and procedures and assist you in completing various petition and forms.
  • Scheduled Appointment

    • Guaranteed meeting time with advisor
    • Up to 30 Minutes
    • More time for complex issues & detailed questions:
      • Registration
      • Academic difficulty
      • Educational planning
      • Major exploration & career development
      • Study Abroad Course Approval Form review


  • Drop-In Appointments

    • First-come, first-served
    • 5-7 Minutes
    • Starting point for more in-depth conversation (NOT meant to take place of an appointment)
    • Quick Questions
      • Closed UCOR course registration
      • Program evaluation issues
      • Major/minor requirements
      • Policy & petition help
      • Graduation requirements