College of Arts and Sciences
Pre-Law Program

Why Law School?

  • Why law school?  Seems like a simple question, but how much thought have you really given it? Afterall, law school will be a costly and time-consuming three-year commitment (but rewarding if you are going for the right reasons!). If you're still exploring whether or not law school is right for you, consider the following:

    • Conduct informational interviews with attorneys or individuals who work in other legal professions. Speak to individuals from a variety of disciplines and work environments.
    • Attend live panel discussions where attorneys and law students describe their experiences.
    • Participate in pre-law events at Seattle University.
    • Get a summer job, internship, or volunteer at a law firm.
    • Read as much as you can about law school and legal careers. The following reading list will give you a good perspective:
      • ABA/LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools
      • Law School Confidential: The Complete Law School Survival Guide by Students, for Students -Robert H. Miller
      • Proceed With Caution: A Diary of the First Year at One of America's Largest, Most Prestigious Law Firms -William R. Keates
      • Presumed Equal: What America's Top Women Lawyers Really Think About Their Firms -Suzanne Nossel & Elizabeth Westfall
      • The Lawyer's Career Change Handbook: More Than 300 Things You Can Do With a Law Degree -Hindi Greenberg
      • Planet Law School : What You Need to Know (Before You Go)…but Didn't Know to Ask -Atticus Falcon
    • If you are still uncertain at the end of your undergraduate studies as to whether or not you want to attend law school, consider taking a gap year.