College of Arts and Sciences
Pre-Law Program


  • There is no penalty for guessing. It is in your best interest to answer every single question on the exam, even if it is a complete guess.

    Work on your time management. The LSAT is made up of questions that range from extremely easy to almost impossible. It is essential to manage your time well and not to spend too much time on any particular question. If you cannot find an answer, narrow it down the best you can and guess.

    Prepare psychologically to take the exam only once. Go into the exam confident and well prepared and there will be no reason for you to have to go through this grueling process again. Remember, if you do take the LSAT more than once, schools usually will average the two scores together. Of course, if you really bomb, there may not be any other choice, but prepare the first time as if you do not have the option to take it again.

    Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. Take the time to really put your self in the best position possible to ace the exam. Sacrificing now will pay off dearly later.