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LSAT Information

  • The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is probably the most important component of your law school application. This exam is a skills-based assessment, designed to determine how you will respond to training in the law. Offered four times a year (February, June, October, and December), students who plan to take the LSAT are strongly encouraged to begin preparation well in advance.

    The LSAT can be learned. Period. It takes time and a tremendous commitment, but it can be done. There are numerous tools available, from seminars, courses and study aids, which will teach you how to do well on the LSAT.

    – Al Treacy, Seattle University School of Law

    LSAT Format

    The LSAT is a standardized test with specific sections including reading comprehension, logic games, analytical reasoning, and a writing sample.

    LSAT Frequently Asked Questions

    Information regardng when you should take the exam, how to prepare for the LSAT, how long your scores are valid, etc.

    LSAT Tips 

    Make sure you are prepared for the LSAT and are ready put your best effort out on test day.