Gap Year

Many students choose to take a gap year(s) between their undergraduate studies and law school. The decision of whether or not to take a gap year is unique to you. There are several reasons why you might choose to take this time away:

  • Ensure that the legal field is right for you
  • Time to enhance your resume (i.e.-volunteer opportunities, internships, employment)
  • More time to study for the LSAT
  • Save up money for law school

If you are planning on taking a gap year(s) after your undergraduate studies, plan to do the following:

  • Maintain contact with your professors if you are planning to ask them for a letter of recommendation
  • Maintain an updated resume, including what you are doing during your time away from school
  • Continue to reflect on why you want to go to law school. This will make your application stronger when you go to apply
  • Consider how you might incorporate the experiences that you are having into your personal statement. After taking some time off, you may have something more significant to speak to


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