Majors at SU

Students may select from a wide variety of majors and minors which will well prepare them for future teacher training and teaching positions. It is strongly encouraged that students work closely with both their academic advisor and the pre-education advisor when selecting classes.

For those interested in teaching at the elementary level (grades K-8):

Incorporate a variety of courses in basic subject areas such as English, math, social studies, language, life science and physical, earth or space science.  

For those interested in teaching at the secondary level (grades 6– 12)

It is advisable to choose a major, double major or minor in the subject-area you want to teach. This way, you will complete the coursework required for the endorsement area in which you desire to teach.

Looking for a major specifically focused on education?

Seattle University offers two undergraduate degree programs.

The BA in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Elementary Education equips students to think both deeply and broadly, providing an excellent foundation for being an elementary teacher. Graduates of the degree will earn a Washington State Elementary Teaching Credential. An English Language Learner (ELL) endorsement is also possible. 

For more information on the Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Program, contact:
Dr. Sven Arvidson
(206) 296-5470

The Matteo Ricci Institute offers the BA in Humanities for Teaching with a Specialization in Elementary Education. The curriculum is individualized to correspond to the grade level(s) and subject(s) that a student might want to teach. Graduates of the degree will earn a Washington State Elementary (K-8) Teaching Credential. An English Language Learner (ELL) endorsement is also possible.

For more information on the MRI Humanities for Teaching Program, contact:
Dr. Paulette Kidder
(206) 296-5405 



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