Current Students, Transfer Students, and Alumni


If you are looking to pursue a career in education, know that there are many pathways to reach your goal. Some students graduate with both a teaching certificate and a bachelor degree, others will take classes during their undergraduate studies to prepare them for teaching certification programs, and still others will graduate with their bachelor's degree and then work, travel or volunteer for a few years before deciding to pursue a teaching career. No matter your path to teaching, know that Seattle University's Pre-Education Advising is there to help support you along the way.

Current students and incoming transfer students

You have many options when selecting a major. Students may select from a wide variety of majors and minors which will prepare them for future teacher certification programs and teaching positions. It is strongly encouraged that students work closely with both their academic advisor and the pre-education advisor when selecting classes.

Elementary Level (grades K-8) teaching: It will be most helpful if you are able to incorporate into your academic plan a variety of courses in basic subject areas such as English, math, social studies, language, life science and physical, earth or space science. Students are also encouraged to select a major with an interdisciplinary focus. The Master in Teaching is a great degree choice at SU due to the program's broad intellectual training and flexibility in curriculum.

Secondary Level (grades 6– 12) teaching: It is advisable to choose a major, double major or minor in the subject-area you want to teach. This way, you will complete the coursework required for the endorsement area in which you desire to teach.

SU Alumni

If you are looking to change careers and enter the education field, this website is a good place to start. Explore the resources available, especially the links to teacher preparation and certification programs. Further, you may want to consider Seattle University College of Education's nationally ranked program for elementary or secondary level teaching. 


The materials contained on this website are only part of the advising available for Pre-Education. Face-to-face interaction is the primary method for advising. If you are interested in a teaching career, you are encouraged to meet with the Pre-Education Advisor, in addition to any online research you do.

Call 206-296-2840 or visit Casey 110 to schedule an appointment with the Pre-Education Advisor.


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