Reg 101

Reg 101 Workshops

Beginning in Fall 2018, professional advisors from throughout the university conducted Reg 101 workshops in an effort to teach new students how to register for classes. In Fall, advisors went into UCOR 1100 and 1400 sections in order to reach as many first-time-in-college (FTIC) students as possible. In Winter, special workshop days and times were offered to both FTIC and transfer students. In order to encourage attendance, new students will have a Reg 101 advising hold (R101V) placed on their accounts. See more on holds below.

Content Overview

The workshop is a brief, 30-minute course on how to prepare for registration in 5 steps:

  1. Review your Program Evaluation on SU Online.
  2. Check holds and registration time. New students need to complete the Think About It course!
  3. Meet with your advisor to discuss your educational plan and possible courses for next quarter.
  4. Check out course options on SU Online and draft possible schedules for next quarter.
  5. Register for a full schedule (12 credits or more) at your assigned time, rather than waiting for a course to open up. 

Closed Classes

If a student is trying to get into a closed class, please refer them to the appropriate office below.

Reg 101 Holds

All new students will have a Reg 101 (R101V) hold placed on their account until they have attended a workshop. However, if you meet with a student who still has a Reg 101 hold, you may remove it. Just be sure to go over the basics of registration.

Registration Resources

For more information, students can refer to the Redhawk Roadmap on Canvas or contact the ASAC.

In addition, faculty advisors and students can refer to our Registration Questions page for more registration resources, common registration questions and answers, and information on various registration holds and how to have them removed.

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