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  • Psychology Faculty and Alumni Present at International Conference

    July 24, 2012

    Psychology faculty and alumni from the M.A. in Psychology (MAP) program made a strong showing at the 2012 International Human Science Research Conference in Montreal. The conference theme was ‘Renewing the Encounter Between the Human Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities.”

    “We had a strong multi-disciplinary presence among the more than 250 attendees,” said Prof. Steen Halling.

    Presenting at the conference were:

    Dr. Alexandra Adame, Psychology department: “Dialogical Responsibility: A Theoretical Dialogue Between the Worlds of Martin Buber and Emmanuel Levinas.”

    Dr, Steen Halling, Psychology department: “Other than Philosophy: The Authority of Human Science Research.”

    Dr. Kevin Krycka, MAP program director: “A Horizon of Asymmetry: Challenges and promises for the Human Sciences.”

    Dr. Erica Lilleleht, Psychology department chair, and Dr. Jennifer Schulz, English and Psychology departments and MAP class of 2003: “Poetics of Empathy.”

    MAP alumni Marie McNabb, class of 2003, Karl Chan-Brown, class of 2001, Anne Douglas, class of 2010, and Julia Keller, class of 2010, and Dr. Steen Halling: “What Is Money? A Qualitative Descriptive Study of the Symbolic Nature of Money.”

    Dr. Jennifer Schulz: “A Phenomenology of Reading and Walking in the City.”

    Environmental Studies Director Gordon Miller: “The Play’s the Thing: The Goethean Theater of Life from Adolf Portmann to Biosemiotics.”

    The annual conference brings together leading academics, scholars, and practitioners conducting qualitative research.

    The College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in Seattle University, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology. The MAP program has an existential, phenomenological, therapeutic approach.


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