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  • Arts and Sciences Sweeps Student Awards

    June 5, 2012

    All three students receiving 2012 Spirit of Community Awards were in the College of Arts and Sciences. Seniors Rosie Garibaldi (left), Social Work, and Francesca Murnan (right), Public Affairs, were joined by Adam Tousley (center) who is receiving his Master of Public Administration.

    “These students embody the commitment to serving others that infuses our teaching and learning here in the College of Arts and Sciences,” said Dean David Powers.

    Rosie Garibaldi has been a Shinnyo-en Summer Fellow and a Student Leader for the Common Good for the past two years. As a facilitator for the Seattle University Youth Initiative Leadership Seminar, a service learning course through the Liberal Studies program, she led reflection circles that challenge students to think critically about their assumptions and the way they engage in the community. In her social work practicum at Powerful Voices, a youth development and empowerment organization for teen girls, she facilitated groups and has been able to integrate her focus on social justice with her passion for healing through storytelling.

    Francesca Murnan, a senior Public Affairs major with an Environmental Studies minor, has put her passion for social justice to work by participating in the Shinnyo-en Summer Fellowship, the Student Leaders for the Common Good Program, the International Development Internship Program, the Diversity and Equity Education Program, and the Korematsu Center for Law and Equality. She has also worked within the communities of Coast Salish Natives, immigrant families, those without homes, those in foreclosure, and those suffering from health disparities.

    Adam Tousley (center), a veteran of the war in Iraq, has created a community of support for veterans on campus. As an AmeriCorps member while earning his Master’s in Public Administration, he led the Seattle University Veteran’s Committee. This past academic year, he successfully offered services to the nearly 200 veterans who are transitioning from the armed services to academic life at SU. He successfully lobbied for the creation of a veteran’s scholarship fund through the law school and has developed multiple mentoring and networking opportunities for enrolled veterans. Off campus, Tousley mentors teenagers through an urban gardening project in Seasttle’s South Park neighborhood. He has also traveled to Thailand and Burma to research successful education practices for migrant Burmese students.

    The College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in Seattle University, offers 33 undergraduate and 7 advanced degrees.


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