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  • Dan Jorgensen, Member of European Parliament, to Teach at Seattle University

    May 8, 2012

    Dan Jørgensen, a member of the European Parliament since 2004, is teaching “Power and Persuasion in Environmental Policy” during the summer quarter at Seattle University. Jørgensen, Vice-chairman of the Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, will provide insight into the environmental policy and politics in Demark and the European Union (EU) as well as globally.

    “Although the course focuses mainly on European and international policy, the students will compare policy development in the EU and US,” Jørgensen said.

    Jørgensen brings extensive experience as a policymaker involved in EU and international environmental issues. Students will engage in simulations of real negotiations and policymaking situations involving a range of participants: politicians, aides, civil servants, community organizations, and others. 

    “From these real-world scenarios, students better understand how political organizations operate and how best to interact with them and within them,” Jørgensen added. “They will be poised to work on environmental policy in a range of organizations.”

    Jørgensen was re-elected after his first term and became the leader of the Danish Social Democratic delegation in the European Parliament in 2009. He has taught in universities throughout Europe, including the University of Aarhus and Sciences Po Paris. Jørgensen recently published Green Hope: Climate Policy 2.0 (2010, in Danish).

    The 5-credit course (Political Science 391) meets Monday – Thursday for 4 weeks beginning July 18. Students who have a minimum of a high school diploma may apply. Registration begins May 10.

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