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  • Lawrence Awarded Luce Fellowship

    March 26, 2012

    Professor Beatrice Lawrence, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, has been awarded a Luce fellowship to participate in the American Academy of Religion seminars on theologies of religious pluralism and comparative theology. Her areas of expertise focus on the Hebrew Bible and Jewish hermeneutics.

    The weeklong seminars bring together professors, theologians, and scholars to address the question of religious diversity as a question of faith. During three weeklong seminars in 2012-13, Lawrence will examine current scholarship and teaching resources in the areas of theologies of religious pluralism and comparative theology and engage in an interreligious conversation about the meaning of religious diversity. Only 18 people are chosen to participate in the seminars.

    In addition, Lawrence has been invited to a Reboot retreat to inform the conversation as an expert in Jewish studies. Reboot is a national network of Jewish scholars and leaders.

    Lawrence, who received her Ph.D. from Emory University, joined the Arts and Sciences faculty in 2010.

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