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  • Graduate Psychology Program Makes Strong Showing at International Conference

    August 17, 2011

    Faculty and students from the Master of Arts in Psychology (MAP) program had a strong presence at the International Human Science Research Conference, held at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University, July 27-30, 2011.

    Professor Kevin Krycka, Director of the MAP program, presented on “Peace Building from the Inside;” Professor Erica Lilleleht, Chair of the Psychology Department, and Jennifer Schulz (’05), Lecturer in the Psychology and English Departments, spoke on “Rediscovering Empathy;” and MAP graduate Ed Durgan ’98 presented on “Dwelling and Psychopathology in Impoverished Settings. “ Psychology Professor Steen Halling and Jennifer Schulz, along with MAP graduates Kate Guts ’11, Adam Pierce ’10, and Elizabeth Romatz ’10, gave a symposium on “Finding our Way to Deep Connection.” [From l to r in the photo above are Jennifer Schulz, Ed Durgan, Erica Lilleleht, Kate Guts, Kevin Krycka, Adam Pierce, Steen Halling, and Roslyn Newman (who did not present).]  

    “The annual International Human Science Research Conference brings together researchers from all disciplines, including psychology, education, sociology, and nursing, involved in exploring human meaning and experience through qualitative research,” said Krycka. “Our representation at the conference is a testimonial to the strength of our program.”

    The theme of this year’s conference, Intertwining Body-Self-World, focused on the challenges faced by researchers on the interface between bodies, selfhood, and the social world. More than 250 researchers from around the world attend the conference each year. The MAP program and the College of Arts and Sciences hosted the conference last year.

    The Master of Arts in Psychology is one of seven advanced degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in Seattle University. The program combines a strong academic foundation in existential phenomenological psychology with clinical practicums in hospitals and community mental health clinics.


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