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  • Community Art Class Creates Mural for Bailey Gatzert

    June 3, 2011

    Studio Art professor Danila Rumold has partnered her “Community Art & Mural Painting Techniques” class with Bailey Gatzer Elementary School to create a mural for the school’s playground. The project complements the Seattle University Youth Initiative launched earlier this year. The inauguration of the mural is scheduled for June 20

    Before beginning, the students learned more about the diverse student body at Bailey Gatzert in an effort to make sure that mural represented the whole community."How do they identify themselves? What do they want to be when they grow up?" These questions were answered by Bailey Gatzert children who created pictures of their own to inspire the SU students’ project.

    "We found a lot of overlap in the answers," said Rumold, "so we made lists of what professions they want to be when they grow up and who their role models are." Students took photos around the neighborhood and from these images created a collage that became the blueprint for the mural.

    The design's center is a dial with a tree in the middle and rays stretching out across a backdrop of the city and neighborhood skyline. Water waves on each side of the mural help create a border to complement the real life cherry trees on either side of the installation site.

    "The community needs to feel involved," said Rumold. "Mural art makes community."

    Bailey Gatzert students will have a chance to participate in the painting. Rumold's class is carving wooden stamps of cherry blossoms and Bailey Gatzert will personally apply the cherry blossom stamps to the mural.

    "We're hoping the stamping will bring people into it," said Rumold. "Mural art makes community."

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