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  • 26 Receive National Academic Honors

    March 31, 2011

    Dean David Powers announced that the Tau Sigma National Honor Society has recognized 26 students in the College of Arts and Sciences for their academic achievement.  Membership in Tau Sigma is limited to transfer students who have earned a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher in the first quarter at Seattle University after completing at least one year at a prior institution. Tau Sigma is a national academic honor society designed specifically to promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students.

    The following students were admitted to the society:  
    Natalie Alia,   Psychology

    Faten AnwarPolitical Science
    Steven Avila 
    Criminal Justice
    Elizabeth Cruz Cavanagh,
    Communication Studies 
    Kyle Criddle, Psychology
    Gistin Durall, Visual Art
    Terrence Fernsler.  Public Affairs
    Kimberly Fields, Political Science
    Melissa Garcia,
    Daniel Johnson, Criminal Justice, 
    Brighid Kennedy, Visual Art
    Douglas Kincaid, Environmental Studies  
    Heather Leinen,
    Chase  Linrothe, Pre-major Studies in the Arts & Sciences
    Mary Lubey, Social Work      
    Jessica Lung, 
    Andres Munt, Communication Studies     
    Christiana Obey
    , Journalism
    Casey Peplow, Pre-major Studies in the Arts & Sciences      
    Caitlyn Portz, Psychology     
    Joseph Quiggle,
    Political Science
    Paola Rosario-Ferreira, International Studies
    Brian Summers, History   
    Molly Virgin, 

    Each year, approximately 250 students transfer into the College of Arts and Sciences, which offers 33 undergraduate degrees.


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