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  • Summer Study Program in Berlin

    March 15, 2011

    German Professor Cordula Brown leads students on a tour of German modernism in a three-week study program in Berlin, June 20 - July 10.

    In fewer than 100 years, Berlin has been witness to five political systems as well as five major movements in art, architecture and urban design. Berlin has been the largest contemporary building site in Europe and is poised to assume new global importance as a geographic, political, and culture capital of the modern European Union.

    “Berlin, Bauhaus, Babelsberg—Tracing Modernism” begins in the spring quarter with six pre-travel sessions on political, historical, and cultural developments. Excursions to the original Bauhaus building in Dessau for integrated studies and Nuremberg are included. Students can receive five elective credits for this study program.

    For the complete program, including costs, curriculum, and requirements, download the brochure.

    Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences lead many international study programs. The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offers degrees in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian.  


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