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  • Johnson Bube Publishes “Global Issues, Local Arguments”

    November 16, 2010

    English Professor June Johnson Bube recently published a second edition of her global argument text, Global Issues, Local Arguments (Pearson/Longman).  This book introduces global issues as multi-sided arguments with highly invested stakeholders.  This second edition features a new rhetoric chapter on argument and chapters with readings on free trade, the global economic crisis, immigration, cultural rights, water and sustainability, food for the world, and human rights.

    Johnson Bube teaches American literature and rhetoric and composition. She recently presented a workshop, “Cultivating Rhetorical Readers and Responsible Arguers: Teaching Writing as Intellectual Work,” at Central Washington University for its nationally accredited Cornerstone college-in-the-high school program.

    The College of Arts and Sciences offers 7 advanced degrees   and 33 undergraduate degrees, including literature, creative writing, and film studies in the English Department.


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