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  • Arvidson Presents on Eportfolios and Sustainability

    October 22, 2010

    Sven Arvidson, Director of Liberal Studies  and Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy,  presented "Eportfolios in a Liberal Studies Program: An Experiment in Sustainability" at the 32nd annual conference of the Association for Integrative Studies in San Diego in early October. The Association for Integrative Studies promotes interdisciplinarity in research and teaching.

    Defining sustainability as the efficient support and continuation of a good in common, Arvidson addressed four areas in using eportfolios: resource conservation, intellectual growth, alumni mission fulfillment, and curricular assessment.

    Arvidson, Senior Faculty Fellow, SU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, has been on the Seattle University  College of Arts and Sciences  faculty since 1999. Copies of Arvidson’s report by emailing



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