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  • Paul Presents on Gaming

    August 18, 2010

    Christopher Paul , who researches digital media, is a featured presenter at the Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, on September 4.  He is part of a panel presentation, “We Study Games Professionally: Academic Research and Game Studies,” that looks at academic studies on the effects of gaming, how games work, and their meaning in today’s society. The three day PAX conference is one of the largest consumer-focused conferences on gaming and is held at the Seattle Convention Center.

    In October, he will be presenting  “Participating in Sustainable Acts?: The Rhetorical Force of Balance in Massively Multiplayer Online Games,” at the Association of Internet Researchers Conference in Sweden.  His presentation there examines  subscription-based online games and the impacts of the presumption by players and game designers that these games should be meritocracies. He will be joined by leading researches in the field for this discussion.   

    Paul, an Assistant Professor who teaches in the Communication Department, researches the rhetoric of digital media, with a current focus on video games. 


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