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  • Human Research Conference Opens Aug. 4

    August 2, 2010

    Psychologists from around the world are convening at Seattle University for the 29th International Human Science Research Conference on August 4. Grounded in phenomenology, the study of how people perceive and interpret events, psychologists and other human scientists will report on qualitative research and emerging theory related to how children and adults respond in a wide variety of situations, including trauma, childbirth, and forced migration. Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches are included in presentations of theory, philosophy, methodology, education, and psychotherapy.

    According to Psychology Professor Kevin Krycka, co-director of this year’s conference, “Human science research is probably the richest source of new knowledge regarding how we experience our life.  It impacts architecture, religion, philosophy, psychology, economics, in fact any place or situation you find humans." 

    More than 170 leading academics and private practitioners are expected to attend.


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