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  • Jaasko-Fisher receives Lee Ann Miller award

    July 12, 2010

    Tim Jaasko-Fisher, class of 1996 and current student in the Master of Arts in Organization Systems Renewal, received the Lee Ann Miller award from the  Washington State Children’s Justice Task Force. The award is presented annually to an individual who has “made the greatest impact and/or contribution in furthering the goals of the Children’s Justice Act.”

    Jaasko-Fisher has been the director of the Court Improvement Training Academy ( since 2007. The program provides interdisciplinary training for judges, lawyers and other stakeholders in the child welfare system on topics including child welfare law and systems improvement, infant mental health, substance abuse, parent-child visitation, racial disproportionality in foster care, and adolescent brain development. The training academy utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to the problems faced in child welfare law.

    The Master of Arts in Organization Systems Renewal (OSR) takes a systemic, interdisciplinary approach to organizational growth, development, and change. One of seven advanced degree programs in the College of Arts, OSR is a two-year, cohort-based program designed for leaders and executives.


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