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  • Spectator - Media access to Redhawks shrinks as coverage grows

    By Joshua Lynch for The Spectator

    December 29, 2009

    After men’s basketball’s recent upset over Utah State, sports information director Jason Behenna found himself flying back to Seattle to work the women’s basketball game the next day—with a meeting in his schedule to boot.

    It was at that meeting, as he saw how many people were tweeting about Redhawks basketball, that it hit Behenna: Division I has brought the big time to Seattle University.
    “That was my ‘Oh my god’ moment,” Behenna says.

    As men’s basketball has stormed to a 4-3 start under new head coach Cameron Dollar, the Redhawks have been getting unprecedented media coverage ranging from bloggers’ reports to Sports Illustrated mentions and Associated Press stories that have been published in newspapers across the country.

    Behenna, whose responsibilities include media relations, publishing on and managing Athletics’ social networking accounts, says media attention on the Redhawks has increased “10-fold” this year.
    He notes that every year since he’s been here—corresponding with the gradual transition to Division I status—more and more people are talking about the Redhawks.

    That national attention to Seattle University, once known as a “sleeping giant” of an institution, was one of the main arguments administrators gave for making the controversial move to Division I athletics.

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