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    Curator Yoko Ott puts her imprint on the Hedreen Gallery
    by Tina Potterf

    December 8, 2009

    Yoko Ott embraces—nay, make that thrives on—a challenge. As the curator of the Hedreen Gallery, which visitors pass through en route to the theater inside the Lee Center for the Arts, Ott is tasked with presenting art in an unconventional space.

    Located in what is essentially the theater’s lobby, the gallery is somewhat narrow and long, opening to a wall of windows that reveal what’s inside to passersby and foot traffic along 12th Avenue. But Ott, who started as curator in July 2008, has creatively made the most of the venue.

    For her first exhibit earlier this year, Ott went with a trilogy of installations to showcase not only three distinctive artistic voices but also the nuances of the gallery. The show, called “Void Blank Blank Void Sweated Blank Void Sweated Spark” featured works by New York artist Adam Putnam, Seattle’s Wynne Greenwood and the TM Sisters of Miami. Each artist was given the task of creating art that incorporated or elevated the gallery’s unique architectural elements.

    Working with artists—both known and relatively unknown—and presenting pieces that provoke contemplation is nothing new for Ott.



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