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  • Professor Recipient of 2009 Award for Progressive Leadership

    October 20, 2009

    Cheryl Sesnon, Execuitve Director of Washington CASH, and an adjunct professor in the Master of Public Administration and Executive Master of Nonprofit Leadership programs is the 2009 recipient of the Aubrey Davis Award for Progressive Leadership. The first and the previous winner of this award was Bill Gates, Sr.

    As the Executive Director of Washington CASH, Cheryl has had extraordinary success in providing the training and capital that low-income entrepreneurs need to start their own businesses.

    Asked why Washington CASH gives most of their business start-up loans to women, Cheryl says:  “Two reasons. First, we feel that women are the most economically disadvantaged workers in our society, and therefore the most in need of business skills and capital resources….Second, it has been demonstrated around the world that women are better borrowers in that they repay loans at a much more dependable rate than men, and because they use their earnings to benefit their families first -- which in the long run also benefits the greater society as well.”


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