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  • A&S Represented at PNWCA

    May 12, 2009

    Seattle University was well represented at the 2009 Pacific Northwest Writing Center’s Association annual conference (PNWCA) which took place April 17-18 at Central Washington University. Four writing consultants, Lindsey Gerber, Ernie Piper, Daniel Pizarro and Kelly Stone attended, along with Writing Center Director Larry Nichols and Consulting Professor of Writing, John Bean. Gerber and Pizarro led a conference session entitled “What We Can and Kant Do: Ethics in the Writing Center” concerned with bringing Kantian philosophy to ethical dilemmas in the writing center. Nichols, as President of PNWCA, presided over the plenary sessions and also facilitated a session on professional mentoring for writing center directors. With this conference, Nichols concludes his two-year term as President. During the closing session, Bean presented an invited reflection on the highlights of the conference.


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