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  • In-gun Kang, S.J., Discusses Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Asia

    April 29, 2014

    In-gun Kang, S.J., presents “Radical Orthopraxis in Asia: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue and Action in the Theravada Countries” on May 6, 2014. For five years with the Jesuit Mission in Cambodia, Fr. Kang immersed himself in the lives of the Khmer people, historical victims of persecution and hunger. The necessity of Buddhist-Christian dialogue in this context has been the center of his studies, and rethinking the meaning and role of religion in the face of increasing globalization will be the central challenge of his talk. 

    Fr. Kang received advanced degrees from the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University, University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka, and the University of London. He has been a member of the Jesuit order since 1993 and served briefly as a campus minister at Sogang University. After completing his Jesuit Tertianship in March, Fr. Kang returned to mission work in Cambodia. 

    Fr. Kang’s story, an exploration of disengagement from the material world and engagement with social justice work, is pertinent to the ethics of Buddhist philosophy and Catholic social teachings, two traditions present at Seattle University and sometimes perceived to be in conflict. Through class lectures and faculty meetings, he will offer tools for the necessary reconciliation of these traditions.

    The public lecture is set for 5 p.m., May 6, in Casey Commons. The lecture is free, but RSVPs are encouraged here.

    Fr. Kang’s visit is the third in a series of lectures, Interreligious Dialogue with Jesuits from Asia, sponsored by the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture and the William F. Le Roux Endowed Chair in the College of Arts and Sciences.


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