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  • Seattle University Partners with Seattle Opera

    November 1, 2013

    The Seattle Opera - Seattle University Series brings monthly conversations about opera to campus. The series of lectures and conversations are hosted by Seattle Opera Community Programs Manager Robert McClung. English Professor Andrea McDowell presents “Literature as Opera: Prokofiev’s War and Peace” on January 21. All events are free and open to the public 


    November 26: Of Mice and Men: Adaptations on Stage and on Screen with Tony Kay, CityArts Film Correspondent 

    John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men has inspired adaptations for theater, film, radio and opera. We’ll examine two adaptations that tell Steinbeck’s story musically: the 1939 film by director Lewis Milestone and composer Aaron Copland, and the opera by Carlisle Floyd, premiered at Seattle Opera in 1970. 7 pm, Pigott Classroom 307 

    December 17: The Film Operas of Gian Carlo Menotti with Dan Miller, Artistic Director of Vespertine Opera 

    Join us for a lively discussion on three television operas, including The Medium, directed by the composer himself, Amahl and the Night Visitors, the first opera commissioned by NBC, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Consul. 7 pm, Wyckoff Auditorium 

    January 21: Literature as Opera: Prokofiev’s War and Peace with Andrea McDowell, Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Seattle University

    Russian literature specialist Andrea McDowell will lead a discussion on the operatic adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. We’ll show clips from Seattle Opera’s 1990 production and discover what this novel meant to Prokofiev and his audience in the post-war Soviet era.7 pm, Wyckoff Auditorium 

    February 25: The Carmen Phenomenon with Eric Ames, Professor of Germanics, and Jane Brown, Joff Hanauer Distinguished Professor of Western Civilization Emerita at the University of Washington 

    Join us for a conversation about George Bizet’s Carmen and its seemingly endless film adaptations – from DeMille to Beyonce—with key examples spanning more than a century of film history. 7 pm, Wyckoff Auditorium 

    March 25: Of Leitmotivs and Lightsabers: the Music of Star Wars with Dustin Kaspar, S.I.F.F. Educational Programs Manager

    For many fans, John Williams’ iconic score for Star Wars remains unforgettable. Join Dustin Kaspar to explore the way in which Williams expertly incorporated Wagner's thematic principles into George Lucas' trilogy of “space operas.” 7 pm, Wyckoff Auditorium 

    April 22: The Hollywood Musical with Tony Kay, CityArts Film Correspondent 

    By looking at films spanning from The Jazz Singer (1927) to My Fair Lady (1964), we’ll look at the cinematographic techniques developed by Hollywood to create film musicals that rivaled original Broadway hits. 7 pm, Wyckoff Auditorium 

    May 20: The Task of the Translator: Libretti and Screenplays with Jonathan Dean, Director of Public Programs and Media at Seattle Opera 

    The battle between words and music has been a longstanding one in opera history. Supertitles writer Jonathan Dean will share a selection of scenes from opera and film to compare and contrast the forms of opera libretto and film screenplay from the writer’s point of view. 7 pm, Wyckoff Auditorium



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