Record 33 Arts and Sciences Faculty Promoted for 23-24 Academic Year

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
May 19, 2023

College of Arts and Sciences Dean David V. Powers announced that a record number of A&S faculty have been promoted this year. “I cannot fully express how proud I am of our 33 faculty members for what they have done to reach these important milestones,” he said. “"This year we made significant progress in creating additional opportunity to recognize years of career excellence among our term faculty and that is reflected in these promotions. We also set a record with six tenured faculty promoted to Professor in the same year.”

He also recognized the faculty granted the honorary rank of Emerita/Emeritus upon their retirement from their positions at the university, effective at the conclusion of this academic year. “Thank you to these five dedicated faculty members who have made such positive impacts on our students lives over the years.”

2023 Emeriti Conferrals

  • Theresa Earenfight, PhD, Professor, History and Director, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program,
  • Paul Kidder, PhD, Professor, Philosophy
  • Kevin Maifeld, MFA, Director, MFA in Arts Leadership, Director, Interdisciplinary Arts-Arts Leadership, Acting Chair and Associate Teaching Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership
  • Jeffrey S. Philpott, PhD, Director, University Core Curriculum and Assistant Professor, Communication and Media
  • Shizuko Suenaga, PhD, Associate Teaching Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures and Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program

Faculty Promotions

Promoted to Full Professor

  • Pete Collins, PhD, Criminal Justice, Criminology and Forensics
  • Hye-Kyung Kang, PhD, Social Work
  • Paulette Kidder, PhD, Philosophy
  • Yitan Li, PhD, Political Science
  • Susan Meyers, Ph. D., English
  • Quinton Morris, DMA, Performing Arts and Art Leadership
  • Katherine Raichle,PhD, Psychology

Tenured and Promoted to Associate Professor

  • Kathryn Bollich-Ziegler, PhD, Psychology
  • Brooke Gialopsos, PhD, Criminal Justice, Criminology and Forensics
  • Jiangmeng Helen Liu, PhD, Communications and Media
  • Erica Rauff, PhD, Kinesiology
  • Juan Reyes, MFA, English
  • Randall Souza, PhD, History

Promoted to Teaching Professor

  • Vinod Acharya, PhD, Philosophy
  • Dominic CodyKramers, MFA, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership
  • Yancy Dominick, Philosophy
  • Hilary Hawley, PhD, English
  • Benjamin Howe, PhD, Matteo Ricci Institute
  • Bill Kangas, PhD, History
  • Kira Mauseth, PhD, Psychology
  • Ines Miranda, PhD, Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Jennifer Schulz, PhD, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
  • Heath Spencer, PhD, History
  • Hannah Tracy, PhD, English

Promoted to Clinical Professor

  • Rebecca Cobb, PhD, Couples and Family Therapy
  • Audrey Hudgins, Matteo Ricci Institute

Promoted to Associate Teaching Professor

  • Maria Leon, MA, Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Diana Luna, MA, Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Annelise Pedersen, MA Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Maria Cecilia Simpson, MA, Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Alexandra Smith, PhD, English
  • Maria Tedesco, PhD, Matteo Ricci Institute

Promoted to Associate Clinical Professor

  • Rebecca McNamara, PhD, Matteo Ricci Institute