Pull Request: Collaborative Code Art

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
September 11, 2018

Logo for gallery show, Pull RequestVachon Gallery, Seattle University FINR Building

September 18- October 12
Open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Exhibition Reception October 10, 4:30-7:30pm

Featuring new work by 

  • Mark Anthoney
  • Jacqueline Buttice
  • Miles Coleman
  • Alexander Mouton
  • Rebecca Peltz
  • Shawn Rider
  • Sarah Wichlacz

How do logic and function follow form to create a dialogue for the human experience? Where can motion go when powered by emotion? What happens to the image when we are not looking? What happens when the world asks us to take it in and make it a part of ourselves? What happens when we ask the world to take a part of ourselves?

In modern software development, the “Pull Request” represents the contribution of one developer to the project. The group must embrace and adopt the changes to accept the Pull Request. Every Pull Request accepted becomes a change set that every other contributor or user of a project must recognize and incorporate into their own work. Through this exchange and constant evolution, collaborative projects achieve monumental levels of scale and impact.

As humans, we are constantly responding to Pull Requests from other people, our environment, and, increasingly, artificial beings who inhabit our daily interactions. Each project in this exhibition explores the ways in which we can be asked to incorporate aspects of the external world into ourselves, or vice versa. Whether we inhabit the role of contributor or receiver, we are part of a complex ecosystem that recognizes no geographic boundary.

The process and creation of art has traditionally been a solitary, subjective, and introspective experience, but this show brings together artists, creators, and makers from a range of backgrounds to create unique works using technology in a variety of ways. Each artist has collaborated with others and built upon open source tools to realize their vision, and each work asks viewers to give and take accordingly.

Curated by Jackie Buttice

Exhibition Design & Production by Paul Nunn