2017-18 Fulbright Specialist Awards

May 6, 2017

Larry Hubbell, PhD, Professor and Director of the Institute of Public Service, has received a Fulbright Specialist award for Chittagong University in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He will be at the university from mid-July through the end of August and will be teaching courses, assisting with curriculum development, and training junior faculty. This international experience is his third Specialist award. He previously worked at the University of Sierra Leone in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 2008 and at Siauliai University in Siauliai, Lithuania, in 2011.

Russ Lidman, PhD, Professor Emeriti and former Director of the Institute of Public Service, will be teaching at the Universidad de Guadalajara in June and July and then at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonoma de Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City between August and December. He will likely be teaching undergraduate courses in government and political economy that include information on Mexico’s relationship with the United States as well as on American political institutions. His courses will be held in English. Dr. Lidman also had a Specialist award in 2013-4 and worked in Honduras and Nicaragua.