Trail Publishes on Marketing Sustainability in Sport

Written by Laura Paskin
September 21, 2016

Professor Galen Trail, director of graduate programs in sport administration and leadership, published “Marketing Sustainability Through Sport” (SCRC Internet Publishing, 2016). The textbook details how sport organizations can create sustainability marketing campaigns to positively influence their Triple Bottom Line and encourage fans to increase their level of environmentally sustainable behavior.

“The book focuses how on marketers can use insights from the internal organizational environment, the external environment, and the customer environment create to form the basis for a sustainability campaign, implement that campaign, and evaluate its effectiveness,” Trail said.

Designed for sport industry professionals and students in sport sustainability programs, the textbook also describes the various aspects that sport professionals should consider when selecting, marketing, communicating, and evaluating a sport organization’s sustainability marketing campaigns.

Trail received his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. He focuses his research on sport consumer behavior and has been a consultant for numerous sport organizations. A prolific scholar, Trail has published more than 70 book chapters, books, and articles in journals such as the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, International Journal of Sport Management, International Journal of Sport Communication, and Sport Marketing Quarterly. Trail joined the College of Arts and Sciences faculty in 2008 and directs its graduate programs in sport leadership, including the Master in Sport Administration and Leadership and the Certificate in Sport Sustainability Leadership.