Tassone Publishes Book on Italian for Business

November 15, 2016

Italian Professor Giuseppe Tassone just published Un Buon Affare – Italian for Business (Hackett Publishing Company: 2016). Designed to prepare students to actively engage in the dynamic world of Italian business, Un Buon Affare is a versatile textbook aimed at the upper-intermediate level that fosters cultural competency, hones practical communication skills, and cultivates linguistic expertise necessary for making connections in one of the European Union's most important economies. It will also be of great use to professionals conducting business in Italy or with Italian companies.

Tassone is a language educator with many years of experience teaching and coordinating courses in public and nonprofit universities and organizations including the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington. After his studies in Siena, Italy, he earned a B.A. in Economics and a M.A. in Italian Studies from the University of Washington. Author of two works published by Edizioni Farinelli, Ricordati di me and Buongiorno, Notte, he has been a reviewer and/or contributor to several leading Italian language textbooks, including Da Capo, Oggi in Italia, Avanti, Piazza, and Sentieri.