Honors Program Adds New Tracks

Written by Laura Paskin
March 24, 2016

Sean McDowell, PhD

University Honors is now offering two tracks for incoming students. In addition to the current Intellectual Traditions track, a new Innovations Track begins Fall Quarter 2016.  

Students in the Intellectual Traditions track take seventeen 4-credit courses over a two-year period. To address those students in credit-intensive majors, like chemical engineering, University Honors students in the new Innovations Track complete the program in three years. Both tracks offers a rigorous, integrated program of study for students of high ability and motivation. Cohort-based, they have a strong humanities focus.

“University Honors has a strong emphasis on leadership development, essential writing and communication skills, and research,” said Professor Sean McDowell, program director. “The Innovations Track distinctly meets the demands of students in majors with a significant number of required credits for their majors.”

Participation in University Honors is by invitation only. Students of high academic achievement who are admitted to the university are asked to apply. Only 40 students will be accepted for 2016-17.

Beginning in the fall of 2017, the Honors Program will add a third track, “Society, Policy, and Citizenship.” This two-year track, which places a strong emphasis on political economy and on the social sciences, is designed for students interested in public policy oriented careers and accords well with the social justice focus of the university mission.