Fr. Moleski Named LeRoux Chair

Written by Laura Paskin
October 14, 2016

Martin Moleski, S.J., Professor of Religious Studies and Catholic Theology at Canisius College, joins the faculty as the William F. Le Roux, S.J. Endowed Chair in Arts and Sciences for the winter quarter 2017, housed in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. Fr. Moleski is scheduled to teach and give a free public lecture, “The Tao of Dogma,” at 7 p.m. on  February 15, 2017.

Fr. Moleski notes that Lao Tzu wrote, "The Tao that can be put into words is not the real Tao." In his lecture, he will focus on overcoming the difficulties of putting concepts into words.

“The God that can be put into words is not the real God; the Jesus who can be put into words is not the real Jesus; the me who can be defined is not the real me,” he said. “The purpose of thinking about thinking and speaking about the limits of speech is not to annihilate these mysteries but to show how they are soul food. We know enough to know how little we know. We can tell the glory of God for all eternity and still find that there is more still to be said.”

Fr. Moleski received his Ph.D. from the Catholic University and his M.Div. from the University of Toronto. A prolific writer, his scholarship has appeared in books and journals including Tradition and Discover, The New Catholic Encyclopedia, and Conversations.

The College of Arts and Sciences, Seattle University's largest college, provides funding for the William F. LeRoux, S.J. Endowed Chair in Arts and Sciences. The endowed chair is awarded to a Jesuit academic in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. The appointment is for one academic quarter. The chair is required to teach one course and conduct a public lecture, with remaining time available to advance his scholarship and engage with the Seattle University community.