DaCorsi Publishes “Alba Nuova”

Written by Laura Paskin
November 14, 2016

Auburn City Councilmember Claude DaCorsi, MPA ’11, published Alba Nuova: A New Dawn, the Story of a 19th Century Italian Immigrant. The book, which he refers to as a “true life novel,” is based on his family that settled in the United States in the late 19th century.

The book opens with his 47-year-old great-grandfather Pasquale leaving his wife and sons in Italy to sail to the United States. Pasquale, an expert glove cutter, settled in Gloversville, New York, a hub of glove and leather manufacturing, and soon sent for his family to join him.

DaCorsi, who is a member of the Auburn City Council and the Washington State Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, spent years researching his family history, finding marriage licenses, obituaries, and other documents. Although DaCorsi unearthed the ship’s manifest, he had no first-hand information about Pasquale’s thoughts and feelings upon entering the United States. Thus, he wrote “a true life novel” based on what he knew of his great-grandfather.

“Entering New York harbor, he would have been happy and sad, having left his wife and three sons back in Italy,” DaCorsi said. “I knew that he was going to see his sister Maddalena who had already settled in Gloversville.  I started to craft the story from his experience of seeing the Statue of Liberty.”

Alba Nuova captures the traditions of Italian heritage and culture--Sunday family gatherings, weddings, social events, and the tales of the hard-working Italian immigrants--in an endearing portrait of an immigrant family. The book is available at this link.