Bollich Joins the Psychology Faculty

Written by Laura Paskin
June 8, 2016


Psychology faculty welcome Kathryn Bollich as an assistant professor effective September 2016. Bollich will teach in the undergraduate BA and BS psychology programs.

Bollich, who received her PhD from Washington University in St. Louis, focuses her teaching and research on personality psychology. She is particularly interested in self- and other-knowledge of personality and moral character, how personality and morality develop over time, and how interpersonal feedback shapes people’s self-views, behaviors, and relationships.

She recently published “Eavesdropping on Character: Testing the Stability of Naturalistically Observed Daily Moral Behavior” with J.M. Doris, S. Vazire, C.L. Raison, J.J. Jackson, and M.R. Mehl, in Journal of Research in Personality. She has also published articles in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, PLoS ONE, and Frontiers in Psychology.