Tung Publishes on Modernism and Time Machines

Written by Laura Paskin
March 23, 2015

English Professor Charles Tung published "Modernism, Time Machines, and the Defamiliarization of Time" in latest issue of Configurations, the official publication of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (Johns Hopkins University Press, Winter 2015).

In his article, Tung examines 20th century texts and paintings as they reframe time and movement. Modernism, he maintains, was a 'time machine.'

"Modernist experiments often sought self-consciously to question and reconceptualize time by foregrounding the ways in which their own devices, often in concert with psychological, social, and historical mechanisms, structured and produced time," he wrote. "The modernist aesthetic called attention to itself not only as a vehicle for experiencing and moving in time, but also as a technique for rethinking that experience and movement."

Tung, who received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, focuses his scholarship on 20th century American and British literature. He is currently working on a book, Modernism and Time Machines.

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